Octopress vs Jekyll

Posted by Sotirios Vrachas on October 26, 2013

I switched my tiny blog from octopress to jekyll today. Why?

Octopress was too bloated for me and required rake. Requiring rake meant that i had to use a terminal which defeats the idea of e weBlog altogether. all in all i choosed octopress because i could use a terminal and a text editor to post, but it also requires compilation which is not always possible. Right now i am using github edit in zen mode to write this post, which is extremely convenient think to do. Not only i have version control of the content, no database to manage, or anything to update, but i can use any device with Internet connection to post. Heck i can post from my OpenWRT router if i install git to it, it already have vi and ssh.

That just gave me an idea, about logging to github, but i think syslogd in a remote server is much more de facto process, plus who needs to publicly log thinks to http? hm…

The process was smooth, i just moved my _posts directory across and updated the repository, and customized the layout to my liking with added bootstrap.

Jekyll with git is the most minimalistic way to blog, to my knowledge right now with, the lack of plug-in support on github is a bit inconvenient, you have to work with what it came with by default, and the Liquid template engine is OK, but it is all you need to clear the clutter from bloging, and help procrastinating geeks to write, without having to deal with html.